Promotional Contest on 28th of March, 2023


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Maria Farela

Is it possible to play again? :)

Fred Hedbeek

I had heard about it!

Patricia Kincey

Thank you so much!

Miguel Sanchez

All the gifts are empty!!!

Mitchell Snyder


Judy Robin

You must carefully follow all the instructions.

Matthew Helme

I've never won anything before...

Davidson Bazil


Scott Michalczyk

I had already seen this game last year but I had ignored it because I thought it was nonsense. I'm going to try again!

Layelle Johnson

Thank you so much, its just amazing!!! This is the best!!!

Christopher Gibbs

What is on the next page?

Pamela Hills

Oh, am I the only one who lost? :( :(

Paul Wesley

Is it true?

Mandy Brooke

You're incredible! Thank you for doing this!

George Brown

Thank you! Thank you!

Angelo Rodriguez

Is this a joke?